We’ve been in the business of training athletes since 2010 and have continued to grow every year since. We offer unique training systems for serious athletes which have been developed and refined over the years to produce results like no other. We work hard to improve everyday so we won’t say anything has been perfected, but we can definitely say with confidence that you won’t find a more comprehensive, results-driven Sports Performance program in Dayton and our intangibles are what set us apart.


We understand people don’t care how much you know until they realize how much you care. The fact that we’re Dayton’s destination gym goes beyond what you can initially see and is tough to describe without experiencing it for yourself. The definition of a Renegade is somebody who defies conventional behavior. From the beginning we set out to be different and that’s how we continue pushing the limits of performance, earning our success daily. We stick to our guns of what we know produces results which we realize isn’t always the most convenient. It doesn’t work for everybody but the athletes who commit to training with us earn results…simple as that. Here are some things we don’t do, which have become pretty much standard practice in our industry, to give you a better idea of how we are different.

  • We don’t do entire team deals training huge groups at once. Any programs who do this are more worried about profit margins than results because even they would admit it’s not the optimal way to produce them.
  • We don’t do offsite training spreading our coaching resources thin. We have a high standard for coaches and they all exclusively train athletes in our gym.
  • While there are plenty of membership options for our experienced, tenured athletes…we don’t allow new athletes to jump in for a week, or one month, or space out packages of sessions however they want. We require more of a commitment than most but it’s a huge reason why we’re successful.


Our Mission at Renegade Warehouse is to help each one of our clients reach their full athletic potential while giving them every opportunity to succeed and move on to the next level. Our program is implemented much like a quality NCAA Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Program. It’s also proven to produce results from those determined to earn them and willing to sacrifice. It doesn’t matter if your ultimate goal is reaching the pros or simply being the best high school athlete possible. Renegade can transform you in to the athlete you always wanted to be.

  • Inspire: Humble and respectful athletes will undoubtedly be inspired by the welcoming, family type atmosphere as soon as they walk through our doors. After that they’ll be inspired to bring intensity like they never have before because of the natural competitiveness that comes out and camaraderie that’s built by putting in hard work with like-minded, relentless athletes.
  • Teach: Our coaches take great pride in teaching and mentoring our athletes which goes beyond any exercise routine. We understand it doesn’t take a professional to wear an athlete out and that mindset doesn’t produce optimal results. Our teach first priority puts all of our athletes in position to get more out of everything they do inside as well as outside of our gym.
  • Improve: Reaching an individual’s peak performance is a marathon, not a sprint, and it should always be viewed as such. The long term relationships we create and performance indicators we have in place always ensure our athletes are on the right track to success.


Than everybody else out there doing the same things if you want to raise the bar and leave your mark. Renegade GUARANTEES that our proven training systems create stronger, faster, more powerful and explosive athletes unlike any of the other conventional programs located in Southwest Ohio and in far less time than you’d think. Talent will only take you so far. You must find a way to push the limit, kick it up a notch, and outwork people if you want to be the athlete people remember for years to come.