You’ll find a warehouse utilized by serious athletes to build brutal strength, insane explosive power, and blazing speed. Make no mistake, this is a private facility and only the most committed and highly motivated athletes are allowed to train here. You won’t find a more comprehensive sports training program or one that can match the methods, intensity, and relentless mentality of Renegade Warehouse. Contact us today if you desperately want to drop multiple tenths off your 40/60 yard dash, jump out of the gym, or simply man handle your opponent.


Our Mission at Renegade is to help each one of our clients reach their full athletic potential while giving them every opportunity to succeed and move on to the next level. Our Training System is implemented much like a quality NCAA Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Program. It is also proven to produce results from those determined to earn them and willing to sacrifice. It doesn’t matter if your ultimate goal is reaching the pros or simply being the best high school athlete possible. Renegade Warehouse can transform you in to the athlete you always wanted to be.


On gym memberships and all the generic “sports enhancement/speed training” programs out there. Aren’t you tired of wasting dollars and time on these types of programs and gaining nothing impressive to show for it? If this sounds like you and you’re starting to feel like your window of opportunity is closing…have no fear because you’ve found the right place to train. Renegade can and will make you the athlete scouts flock to, opposing coaches game plan around, and the one who puts the team on their back. Just imagine how good it will feel to stand up on stage and earn the all conference/all state honor, sign a letter of intent to have your college paid for, and become the athlete people look up to. It’s all right in front of you and Renegade can help you achieve it.

You Must be Different

Than everybody else out there doing the same things if you want to raise the bar and leave your mark. Renegade GUARANTEES that our proven training system creates stronger, faster, more powerful and explosive athletes unlike any of the other conventional programs located in Southwest Ohio and in far less time than you’d think. Talent will only take you so far. You must find a way to push the limit, kick it up a notch, and outwork people if you want to be the athlete people remember for years to come.  photo website2_zpsb9d171f9.jpg  photo website3_zpsd93188a7.jpg  photo website1_zpse58582ba.jpg rw_logo_symbol_grey-01