You’ll find a warehouse utilized by serious athletes to build brutal strength, insane explosive power, and blazing speed. Make no mistake, this is a private facility and only the most committed and highly motivated athletes are allowed to train here. You won’t find a more comprehensive sports training program or one that can match the methods, intensity, and relentless mentality of Renegade Warehouse. Contact us today if you desperately want to drop multiple tenths off your 40/60 yard dash, jump out of the gym, or simply man handle your opponent.


Renegade opened it’s doors in the fall of 2010 in a 2,915 square foot facility that was more of a garage than a warehouse. Parents, athletes, and coaches around Dayton quickly began to realize it was something different than what people typically thought of as a sports training program. Word of mouth ensued and drove business at Renegade for months as people began noticing the drastic changes seen in athletes training at the warehouse. It all ended up creating an intense following of true believers in Renegade Warehouse and loyalty from our clients that now know what a sports training program should be all about. Countless athletes have gone on to break records, win championships, earn scholarships, and they’ll all tell you Renegade had a huge impact on their life. This is what we live for at Renegade Warehouse and our athletes success is the only thing that matters to us. Two years went by in the old spot until Renegade moved in to a new 12,000 square foot facility in the fall of 2012 which is where we now call home. We did this to meet demand in order to help even more athletes achieve greatness but we’ll never forget where we came from. Renegade would like to sincerely thank all past, current, and future clients who helped us make it this far, the best is yet to come!


Renegade Warehouse Isn’t for Everyone

The “Warehouse” in Renegade Warehouse says it all. Even though our new spot is huge, it’s still a warehouse…not a fancy country club gym or glitzy hospital appendage. If you’re a flamboyant person and want to workout at a flashy gym then Renegade probably isn’t a place for you. If you are afraid of a challenge, hard work, and dedication then you definitely won’t fit in at Renegade Warehouse. It’s your call. If you think you have what it takes then go ahead and call or email to arrange your FREE trial. Renegade does not accept walk-ins so make sure to call or email before showing up. After your free trial and acceptance in to the exclusive Renegade Family you’ll officially be able to start making your dreams a reality. Enrollment size is very limited so get in touch today.