People ask us all the time about how CrossFit will help them or a loved one in their chosen sport(s). We understand the question since we have our own CrossFit affiliate but the answer to this is that we aren’t doing CrossFit with the serious athletes we train… it’s truly Sports Performance training. CrossFit was created in the year 2000 and took about 10 years to gain a mainstream, household name. The reason for this is that CrossFit comprehensively revolutionized the fitness industry by clearly defining fitness and creating many ways to track and measure progress that never existed before. They also combined all of this in a group setting which naturally builds cohesion and camaraderie through hard work which sports teams have been doing forever. CrossFit also did not invent most of the exercises they implement, instead taking the best of what was already out there that again…athletes have been doing for years and years. CrossFit has truly become a major sport and if you want to focus on it as many people have, you hone in on what it takes to improve attacking weaknesses like any athlete should. People might see some things we do and think it’s CrossFit because those athletes honestly do everything under the sun since constantly varied functional movement is the foundation the sport was built upon. However, with all that being said hopefully we’ve given you a better understanding on the difference between CrossFit and Sports Performance training also keeping in mind they have much more in common than any differences.


Ok so now that we are past that and you’re not focusing on CrossFit, just yet. Instead you’re a serious team sport or individual athlete… also not an Olympic weightlifter or powerlifter. Renegade Warehouse understands all this and has created a training system that caters to you. You spend countless hours training for your sport(s) so you don’t have a ton of extra time to waste. Again, Renegade understands this focusing on exercises and methods that produce results in the least amount of time possible. Training economy is the official way of describing this approach and Renegade’s training system is the epitome of it. If you’re an elite athlete that wants to eliminate the fluff and cut right to the chase then you’ve found the right place to train.


“Sports Specific” are the buzzwords you hear a lot these days. It comes mostly from bad coaches or trainers who really don’t have any clue how to train athletes and in most cases have no idea what it actually means. If you go up the interstate to Ohio State University you’ll find 39 Varsity Division 1 teams. Their strength & conditioning staff will implement training programs to all of these teams that will have a lot in common, looking very similar across all of these diverse sports, and you’d have to look closely to spot the differences. These are elite athletes at the Division 1 level and they understand building well roundedness helps their game every bit as much as the specific skill work they do in practice. Athletes get all of the sports specific work they need while playing their sport and with young people specializing earlier than ever before…the last thing they need is more of the same.


What are the most crucial and fundamental characteristics of an elite athlete? The answer is relative strength, explosive strength, and maximal strength. Developing these three components are tough to do and it takes a smart training approach to attain them. Too many coaches out there get caught up in the latest fad or cool new piece of equipment when training their athletes and are guilty of putting the cart before the horse.


We don’t conform to a lot of the garbage you see out there today which can be tough to sort through to the untrained eye. Multi-joint compound exercises are crucial for every athlete to perform. Olympic weightlifting is also an integral part of any effective training program for any sport. Unilateral (single limb) training is important for all athletes to develop balance, stability, as well as total body proprioception and awareness. The rules of core to extremity apply to every athlete. Core muscles are three dimensional stabilizing everything we do while transferring force so it must be trained appropriately in all three planes of movement to maximize performance. There are many other examples of needs that every athlete has regardless of what sport they play. Relative, explosive, and maximal strength will always be our main focus and the hierarchy of earning these types of strength are trained correctly. We are on the cutting edge in this industry when considering everything we do in our gym and there honestly isn’t anything in our area to compare us to.