Every young athlete needs to start somewhere and this program will get them acclimated to sports training while having fun most importantly. School districts across the state are de-emphasizing and neglecting to see the importance in Physical Education while some are cutting it all together. The overall quality of PE and what they demand from students is not nearly what it used to be which can potentially set kids up for athletic failure. It’s important for kids to be active, learn simple yet crucial skills, and gain a good level of general physical preparedness if they’re ever going to excel in sports. Genesis Athletes will learn all the basic biomechanics, movement patterns, and techniques they’ll need to apply later on as they advance athletically. After at least three months of training you’ll be able to see a significant difference in your young athlete and they will start separating themselves from untrained kids their age.

Membership Options: Genesis Training

(Grade School 7 to 11 Year Old Athletes)

Renegade Warehouse offers month-to-month memberships after a three month initial enrollment. It takes a committment of at least 12 weeks for a young athlete to see substantial improvement in all areas mentioned above. Payment options are flexible and members can choose to pay in full or in monthly installments. The Genesis Program is guaranteed to produce results for young athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition!

2 Coached Sessions Per Week – $99/month

(Breaks Down to Only $12.50 per session)

The two session per week package is for young athletes who are busy and have a lot going on but still see the value in setting the precedent of outworking their competition. Even at a young age, athletes time is valuable and sports demand a lot it. These hour long sessions are the perfect compliment to their busy schedule and makes sense even if they can’t always make the second session per week. The biggest difference we see in kids this age is the added confidence training with us gives them and parents notice it almost right away.

3 Coached Sessions Per Week – $129/month

(Breaks Down to Only $11 per session)

The three session per week package is for young athletes who have a little more time to dedicate to training with us. Athletes are specializing earlier than ever which can be a good thing if they use their time wisely. Specializing early can also be a disaster if athletes don’t ever give themselves a break from their sport prioritizing their long term athletic development through well rounded general physical preparedness work. The three session per week package is for athletes who have a true offseason and want to use their time training as efficiently as possible.

This age group trains at 6:30pm Mondays & Wednesdays, 7:30pm Tuesday & Thursdays, 4:30pm Friday as well as 10am Saturday