Our warehouse gym is home to Renegade Barbell Club which is one of thirty officially sanctioned USA Weightlifting Clubs in the State of Ohio. We offer an Olympic Weightlifting specific membership for serious lifters looking to gain proficiency with a barbell and compete at a high level. Coach Billy Derringer directs the barbell club and has a number of beginner and intermediate programs at his disposal for new athletes starting out. Individual programming is also available as athletes progress. Coach Derringer has a passion for coaching Olympic weightlifting, competes at a high level himself, and is one only a few USAW Level 2 – Advanced Sports Performance Coaches in Southwest Ohio. His tutelage, combined with the rest of our experienced coaches, provides athletes with a lot of value with our barbell club membership and we can have you competing at a high level in no time.

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Renegade Barbell Club meets at 5:30pm Monday thru Friday. Typical programming is 4 days per week and which four days of the week is determined by athletes. New, inexperienced athletes complete their initial programming at this time gaining experience which they must have before training time is flexible and open gym privileges are earned. Olympic Weightlifting will always be a huge part of our Sports Performance as well as CrossFit training programs but this barbell club membership option is meant for those pursuing weightlifting as one of their primary sports.
rw-barbell-logo-02Once an athlete competes in a sanctioned USAW meet they achieve the status of official Renegade Barbell Club team member gaining special privilege. Their membership dues will be reduced 25% as long as they actively compete within the calendar year.